Be SEEN in 2019:

the 4 week marketing boot camp to easily create content that converts into high end clients 

You have a service based busiess (coaching, virtual assistant, strategist) and you've created your high end package.

That dreamy-amazing-holy shit balls if I sold this-package.

One problem... 

Getting your audience to buy that dreamy-holy shit- package... is NOT HAPPENING.

People are liking, commenting, and you even have people messaging you about how inspiring you are.. 

but your bank account doesn't count those.

Ugh... then there's that chick in your feed who just sold her 3rd $10K program.. and you can't even sell your $5K program?! 



 Kick off 2019 with me and learn how to book high end clients with a couple Facebook posts? 

You're in luck! This 4 week boot camp is ridicuously affordable

Your price: $297 

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ughh that bitch who always signs high end clients so easy...

omg that bitch has so much to teach you. Hi! I'm that bitch and I'm here to school you on what it TAKES mentally to sign high end clients. 

This module is all about: journaling prompts, the consistency, and the focus.


Your Money Pattern Programming be BROKE Y'ALL

You are dead ass convinced that right now nobody can afford this program.

Like why would that pay you for that?

Why would that spend THAT much?

This module is all about your reprogramming your current money patterns that are keeping you from signing high end clients.


Turn your filter on.. no NOT the instagram one

That chick who's signing the high end clients.. she may have the same people in her feed that you DO.

BUT 1 important thing you have to do: don't waste your time with people who aren't really interested in buying your program.

(right now you're probably attracting those people who don't really want to invest high level..)

In this module you'll learn: how to use your content to attract high end clients and repel clients who don't invest in themselves


What do you write?

Ever have one of those days where you're not sure what to write about?? 

You wake up that day and don't feel inspired but really want to sell your high end program..

Don't worry I got you boo.

This module is about: how to write posts including the structure + what to do on those days when your content well has dried up

What does it look like when you truly step into your marketing miracle?  

You go through this program.....and get 300 applications to your program.


You go through this program and 4 applications after 1 email.


You promote your offer and get a $5K sale in 30 minutes.


Kick off 2019 with me and learn how to book high end clients with a couple Facebook posts?

You're in luck! This course is so affordable.

Your price: $297

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1 payment of $297

( PPPSSSTTTT: All my mastermind + 1:1 clients get this stuff for free. Message me on Facebook or email for more info )


Uncover your Money Blocks + Beliefs with one of the best money mindset journal work books on the BLOCK.

This journal is what my personal $10K clients use to break past their own mindset blocks around sellling $15K or $30K packages.. YES. 

The journal can do WONDERS.

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Unfuck Your Money Mindset

In this 44 page journaling book learn how to uncover money blocks, beliefs, or habits that are stopping you from making bank in your business + life

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How I made my Monthly income in 1 Day:

Live Training on the 3 shifts I made to create $8K of income in 1 day.. (update: I've created $11,300 in 1 day since this training)

($27 value)

Your High End Package Tool Kit:  

In this pre-work video you will craft + price your high end package. You'll see what a 6 figure business model looks like and what package or product you should be selling first. Here is where you'll set yourself up for success for the rest of the year.. no more guess work.. wondering what you're supposed to be selling this month.

craft your first high end package lean how to create a profitable + sustainble 6 figure business ( what you'll need in place)  

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