Content that Converts OLD

Want to know how I regularly book $10K clients using Facebook Posts?


This totally free step by step guide + a 30 minute video training includes case studies, exercises, and tips on how to write posts that convert into high end clients. 

In this 12 page step by step PDF you will learn:

  • Stand out from the crowd: Get people to stop in their scroll hole, read your post, and engage with your content
  • The structure, wording, and format of posts that attract high end clients to you: think they're not in your feed? OH GIRL, THEY ARE.
  • How to write to keep people's attention: Learn how write to keep people's attention and inspire engagement
  • An inside look at how I build trust quickly with high end clients through just my content ( I haven't done a discovery call in months!)

"Hey guys! Shannon here and I’m so excited to share with you my personal steps on how to write posts that sign high end clients.  

This is my personal process that I go through and it will cover how easily + simple it can be to sign high end clients.  

Some of my favorite questions I get about booking these high end clients is: “Where do I find them?” “How do I attract them to me?”  

If you already have a following established, whether you have 100 people on your email list or 2,000 on your email list. If you only have 100 likes on your Facebook page or 1,000.  

You have high end clients in your circle right now. The problem… is that you think you don’t or maybe you think you can’t charge high end rates for your services.  

This PDF will guide you through on how to market to high end clients and it can be used to book $3K, $5K or $10K clients.  

Along with this PDF comes a free video training where I show you how to create the post + a challenge.  

I’ve had clients who wrote posts, pitched their package, and make $5,500 in 30 minutes. I’ve had a client write her post and make an extra $3K in 24 hours.  

So I would love for you to take the challenge and be the first person to make $8K in 1 hour or $10K in 2 days. 

How cool would that be?  

Included in the PDF I have case studies from all of my clients who come from all different numbers in their followings + even different professions.  

I’d love for you to grab it below and I’ll see you in the next video where I train you on how to use the PDF to get the most from it and not let it sit on your desktop."  

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