Engagement Season Kick Off Challenge

The Engagement Season Kick Off Challenge

 In this challenge learn how you can start raking in the weddings during prime time booking season. 

I want to live in a world where wedding professionals are booked solid. 

Where you know you can do it deep within your heart. Your self worth is sky high (and so is your bank account). I want you to feel like you deserve it - because you do. 

My mission is to help you succeed in building a badass wedding business. 

I’ve worked hard over the years to develop my skills and knowledge. 

In this challenge I’m going to share with you my exact formula to grow your business in a fun and easy way, that won’t burn you out. 

 Within this challenge you’ll receive my 20 favorite techniques to book new clients today. 

Are you ready for more yes’s? 

By letting me guide you, you’ll learn: 

  • How to book clients for free (yup - no paid advertising!). 
  • A social media planner WITH WHAT, HOW, AND WHEN TO POST on Instagram + Facebook
  • What 3 things you need to master to book solid in weddings
  • Plus much more! 


Bonus: Reserve your spot today and you’ll also receive a free social media planner. -> -> ->

My approach is honest and simple. 

If you’re sick of fucking around then get in on this challenge now. 

Praise: Lauren blew her wedding season out of the park! She was able to achieve her goals because of the steps she followed with me. 

How would it feel to have your credit card paid off, a holiday lined up for the near future, and clients who absolutely adore you? 

It’s not about perfecting your ideal client, or nitty gritty things like doing bridal shows. 

It’s all about the big picture. Making a lot of money in a way that feels so goddamn good!!  

You ready to hear more yes’s?