A Private 3 Month Upleveling Mastermind for the Revolutionary-Authentic- Ambitious as fuck-Woman who's ready for Consistent High Level Income


I used to stumble my way through work weeks..... Sitting at the computer, scrolling social media accounts, and looking at mine like...

UGHHH not again. 

Not another week of trying to do something or anything consistently that will get me to more sales or staring at the blinking cursor on my computer trying to conjure up something to mark "write blog post" off my to do list....

It was like pulling teeth. I remember that; a place of confusion, of what am I doing? What am I supposed to be sharing? HOW do I make money consistently?  

So I go back.. keep doing it.. putting in part time hours, hiding behind my computer, sharing my boring posts about "5 ways to market your business", and wondering WHY I haven't hit a $15K month yet... Until it hits me..  

I've been operating from the same Shannon that is keeping me at this place. I HAD to change. ALLLLLL of it had to change, but most importantly deep down ME, Shannon DePalma (the person, not the business) had to change. 

READY for your change? READY to master self discipline? To be CONSISTENT with your marketing? Be consistent with your INCOME? For once and all master your work ethic + self discipline in your business? 

Say YES to those things and you’ll have to say yes to YOUR REFORMation. 

Welcome to your Reformation



THURSDAY February 21st: 1:30pm EST

Your consistent income doesn't look like mine or Karen's or Linda's.  


This training is the Marie Kondo of business.  

In order to find alignment with our business we're going to declutter ALL parts of your business that no longer serve you, drain you, or at the end of a launch leave you eating tubs of ice cream.  

We'll be burning down anything in your packages, marketing, and pricing in your business that doesn't serve you and creating what does.

Wednesday March 6th: 1:30pm EST

The first part of making more money starts with your emotional energy and your desire to do this.  

If you've had a big month before like $8K, $10K, or $15K BUT then you're not able to do it consistently... it's because your emotional energy is dipping in and out and your desire is not aligned.  

A lot of us create goals based on others desires, opinions, or beliefs. 


Wednesday March 20th: 1:30pm EST

In this training you'll learn how to use your new power you found to serve, deliver, and put strategies into place to consistently grow your audience. to your audience.  

Find the love in doing that, so you can keep doing it consistently.

Wednesday April 3rd: 1:30pm EST

Want more income and want it consistently? You're going to need to be 1 person, everywhere with EVERYONE. No more hiding, playing it safe, and meeting up with frends + family then shrinking back to your old self.  

In the 2nd lesson I'll teach you how up leveling your relationships shift you into a place of power consistently  


Wednesday April 3rd: 1:30pm EST 

Push beyond your limits of what's comfortable to receive with money and create a business that allows for inspiration but has structure.

Wednesday April 17th: 1:30pm EST

Ever sign a new high end client, make a whole bunch of money month, and then stop? OR feel like every time you make money its going to dissappear? 

Stop marketing, stop selling, and put the brakes on receiving even more money? 

Yup. In this lesson we'll be covering how you're pleasure limits are stopping you from making high level of consistent income.

( 4 payments of $997 )

It's Time For Your

I can't wait to help you discover how far you can truly GO in business + life.


  • This program will combine soul with strategy trainings  
  • MONTHLY: LIVE SOUL trainings: the confidence, thoughts, habits, and energy behind high level income  
  • MONTHLY: LIVE STRATEGY trainings: how to strategically reach high level of consistent income: audience building, copy that converts, challenges, etc.  
  • Private mastermind zoom calls 2x a month with each member getting in the hot seat  
  • MONTHLY: Private (45 minute) call with me  
( 4 payments of $997 )


A Private 3 Month Upleveling Mastermind for the Revolutionary-Authentic- Ambitious as fuck-Woman who's ready for Consistent High Level Income


  • 6 LIVE trainings ( 3 months long ) 
  • 2 private mastermind zoom calls monthly 
  • 1 Live Strategy Training monthly 
  • 1 Live Soul training monthly 
  • 1 (45 minute) call with me a month 
  • High vibe group of women who want high level consistent income just like you!

This is for the Entrepreneur that is ready to start making consistent income ($12K-$30K months) by up leveling their life and business.


Your High End Package + Client Attraction Tool Kit:

  • Craft your first high end package 
  • Lean how to create a profitable + sustainble 6 figure business ( what you'll need in place) 
  • SWIPE COPY: learn step by step how to write Facebook posts that convert into high end clients (case studies included) 
  • The mindset routine you'll need to start gettng high end clients that pay in full

You'll get instant access to this when you sign up

($697 value)

The EPIC Pinterest training: How I get over 100,000 Monthly Views on Pinterest

In this training you'll learn:  

  • How to spend 1 hour a week on growing your Pinterest to over 100,000 views 
  • The systems + structure I have in place to keep growing my Pinterest 
  • This training is awesome for anybody who might be wondering if there is more to marketing than Facebook + Instagram. 

Take this course if you want to start building long term profitable traffic without being attached to your computer.

($150 value)

BE SEEN: the 4 week marketing boot camp to easily create content that converts into high end clients 

  • 4 jam packed videos+ worksheets focused on attracting clients to you through your Facebook posts + videos 
  • Up rooting the toxic belief that's holding you back from booking high end clients "nobody can afford this!"
  • Use your content to filter out freebie lurkers +tire kickers with this 1 trick

Take this course if you want to start attracting high end 1:1 clients through your posts + videos.

($297 value)

Your 5 figure Launch: The energy + strategy behind filling up your next offer!

  • 1 jam packed masterclass TAUGHT LIVE
  • This will cover BOTH the mindset + strategy behind having a 5 figure launch
  • Walk away with your step by step plan to create your 5 figure launch of your next program

This masterclass is for the female entrepreneur who wants to have a 5 figure launch of her next mastermind or course.

($197 value)


( 4 payments of $997 )


Hey ambitious AF woman,

My name is Shannon and I'm obsessd with showing women how to build a limitless life. 

A life where you get to have as money as you want, as much pleasure as you want, and as much joy as you want.

I built and sold my first business before my 30th birthday. I learned so much from building that business from a very hustle minded place.

When it came time to build this one.. I wanted something DIFFERENT. Something where I can be who I really wanted to be, do what I wanted to do, and make a fuck ton of money helping women too.

I created it. That's what I want for you.

Here's where I'm supposed to list off all of my accomplishments.. but who gives a fuck right? I just want YOU to build YOUR own amazingly aligned business, so who cares what I've done.

Let's see what you can do. :) 

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