Your signature High Ticket Package: Done for You

Having trouble putting into words who you can help and how you're high ticket package will get them there? I got you.

Ashley did the Profit Package and received over 300 applications to her brand new program within 24 hours...She hit $6,500 within 2 weeks.

Oh baby, the bonuses.

This mini course that will take you from doing the things that literally make you $0 in your business to making money and making it more consistently.  

Module 1: The art of deciding the income you want to make  

Module 2: Your resistance to making more money + how to flip it  

Module 3: Loving yourself = CHACHING  

Module 4: Money Making Activities  

Module 5: Momentum: How to keep going when it's halfway through the month and you aren't even CLOSE to that goal  

Bonus Module 6: How to uncover your money blocks + beliefs  

Bonus Module : The Selling Binge  

Bonus Video: How to create a launch strategy  

Bonus Video: Consistency in your business lies in your Self Discipline Schedule  

"You don't need more followers or more people on your email list to sell your spots in your high ticket offer. You need to speak to them and offer the right solution for THEM. "